Olivia Tuffin

1st March 2016
Olivia Tuffin, author of the popular Palomino Pony series, visited our school during our Book Week. She told us about growing up with a passion for ponies - a passion she has never lost! She showed us stories she had written as a child based on ponies and her pets. Following a riding accident Olivia was prevented from riding or 3 months and during this time she wrote her first pony book. This book was subsequently published and the series of 'Palomino Pony' stories was born! 
Olivia encouraged the children to get writing about things they are passionate about and explained that they should just keep imagining and writing and not worry about spelling and grammar as this could be corrected later. Olivia lives on a working farm with her dogs and horses and finds her peaceful location helps inspire her during the writing process. Everyone enjoyed her visit and we hope our children are inspired to pick up their pencils and start writing!