Sports Day 2018

13th June 2018
What a fantastic morning we had, celebrating sports in our school.  Children demonstrated all the sporting values throughout their sports day and it was a pleasure to celebrate all their achievements alongside them. 
The morning started with a rotation of 6 activities.  These ranged from caber tossing, javelin and beanbag throwing to hockey slalom, water challenge and going for goal!  At the end of these activities, the scores were:
Blue team = 89 points
Green team = 90 points
Yellow team = 92 points
Red team = 96 points.
With the scores so close, everything came down to the final races.  Children in KS1 raced against each other in the obstacle and sprint race.  KS2 children had the opportunity to race in the hurdles, long distance, sprint or obstacle. 
In between races, there was the all important tug of war competition.  It was so exciting, even Mrs Williams, Miss Scott and Mr Noyce took part!
Final scores saw a change in the final results which were:
Blue team = 115 points
Yellow team = 117 points
Red team = 124 points
Green team = 125 points
Well done to the Green team who saw their colours flying on the sports day cup! 
A huge thank you to the wonderful supporters who were so positive about the morning, as well as cheering all the children on!  Also a huge well done to the children who made us all so proud.  However, the morning wouldn't have been so successful without the incredible work behind the scenes.  Thank you to all the staff members who were at school by 7:30am to set up all the activities and a special thank you to Mr Noyce, who brought all the hurdles (once again) and supported all the children during their weekly PE lessons to ensure they all achieved their very best.  The children's outcomes during the morning were testament to his hard work and incredible weekly coaching!