Theatre Trip to Aladdin

27th June 2019
On Thursday 27th June 47 All Saints Children and 13 Staff members ventured in to London to see the AMAZING West End Show ALADDIN.
Although the journey was long, every single child was impeccably behaved and all agreed that the Show was well worth the travel time. here are some of the comments following the performance:...
Annabelle: "It was amazing because of the staging - it was amazing how it was set out and how the staging worked, like people popping up from under the stage."

Leanne: "It was just phenomenal - especially the backdrops."

Sophia: "The long drive was totally worth it because Aladdin was awesome."

Luke: "I really loved it, especially when Aladdin found the genie."

Sami: "It was spectacular. I really liked sight seeing out the window and seeing the shops in London!"

Riley: "The cool effects were awesome. I’m so pleased I got to spend my birthday with school seeing a show then at home!"

Mr GP: "My absolute favourite bit was when Aladdin asked ‘help is anyone there’ and a little girl in the audience said ‘I’m here’ and the audience, and Aladdin laughed! I also thought the magic carpet was impressive. It was amazing being in the theatre with the majority of school children - to see them enthused and taking it all in was lovely. 

Callum: "My favourite part was the genie doing hip movements at the other characters. He was so funny."

Mrs Wookey: "I feel very privileged to be with a group of such amazing children. The show was outstanding and I just loved watching all the children's' reaction whilst watching the performance. The most burning question I have is... When can I book the next show?"